Royal Family – Durian Mochi 210g


  • Introducing Royal Family’s Durian Mochi: A rice cake made for the durian lovers!
  • Royal Family is well-known for their soft Japanese style mochi.
  • Treat yourself with these mochi rice cakes. A great snack for anytime during the day.

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Ingredients: Durian Paste (25.75%)[Sword Bean, Sugar, Maltose, Ultra High Maltose, Syrup, Shortening Oil(Palm Oil, Soybean Oil), Meltodextrin, Durian, Soybean Oil, Flavour], Maltose (24.24%), Sugar (21.21%), Glutinous Rice (15.15%), Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phophate (Thickener)(E1442)(6.06%), Trehalose (6.06%), Palm Oil (1.21%), Potato Starch (0.09%), Mono-and diglycerides (Emulsifier)(E471)(0.09%), Flavour (0.05%), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)(E202)(0.05%), Carotene (E160a)(0.05%).
Produced in a factory where gluten, sesame seeds, soybeans, milk, mango, coconut and tree nuts are also handled.

Product of Taiwan

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3 cm


Royal Family

Royal Family is a Taiwanese brand dedicated to make the most delicious mochi and a variety of pastries using high-quality ingredients.


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