Koh-Kae – Chicken Flavoured Coated Peanuts 230g
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Koh-Kae – Chicken Flavoured Coated Peanuts 230g


  • Introducing Koh-Kae’s Chicken Flavour Coated Peanuts: Fun in every bite!
  • These peanuts covered with a crunchy shell are tasty and great to have anytime during your snack break!
  • Thailand’s #1 Nut Snacks.

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Ingredients: Peanuts, Wheat Flour, Rice Flour, Corn Flour, Palm Oil, Chicken Flavour (Sugar, Salt, Whole Milk Powder, Tapioca Starch, Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium Guanylate, Disodium Inosinate, Silicon Dioxide, Dextrose, Palm and Coconut Oil, Gum Arabic, Sodium Phosphate, Xanthan Gum, Bha, Egg, Soy), Sugar, Salt, Sucralose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Colour.

Product of Thailand

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Koh-Kae is the first nut snack brand in Thailand founded in 1964, and is today one of the most popular peanut snacks covered with a crunchy shell.



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