Aroy-D – Bamboo Shoot (Tips) in Water 540g
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Aroy-D – Bamboo Shoot (Tips) in Water 540g


  • Aroy-D’s Bamboo Shoots are used in many Asian dishes. Sweet and crunchy, bamboo shoot is a staple food in Thai cuisine.
  • Made from Bamboo Shoots (52%), Water.
  • Tipped bamboo shoots is often served as a side dish. Clean and boil raw shoots first before adding them to a recipe.
  • Recipe Idea: Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots. Stir-fry the shoots with a little bit of dark soy sauce, with ginger added. A common traditional dish from Shanghai.

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Aroy-D specializes in canned foods, sauces and condiments for Thai cooking. Known for their flagship product, Aroy-D Coconut Milk, the brand is continuously growing their product line of Asian staple foods.

Product of Thailand

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Aroy-D is a universal Thai food brand carried in countries around the world. The brand is known for their coconut milks, curry pastes, and canned products. Authentic taste and great value!



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