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Loyalty Program

What is the Haisue Loyalty Program?

The Haisue Loyalty Program is a rewards program offered by Haisue Inc. to its online retail customers as a way to show appreciation for their continuous support. The program is designed to offer Haisue customers with reward points based on their purchasing activity.

How to join?

Once you register as a retail customer with us by creating an account you automatically join the Haisue Loyalty Program. All our existing retail customers with active accounts can benefit from the program. 

Are there any exclusions?

Haisue Loyalty Program membership is not available to corporations, businesses, charities, partnerships, enterprises or anyone other than individuals and private customers buying for personal consumption or for the purpose of gifting to another individual(s).

How to Earn Points?

The best way to earn points is to place orders. For every $1 you spend on products, you earn 1 point. Points are not divisible, thus, cents are not counted when earning points. For example an order with a subtotal of $65.87 would earn 65 points. Only the subtotal of an order is counted for the purpose of earning points, meaning the amount used to calculate points earned is before tax, shipping, fees and after any discounts or coupons.

Other activities to earn points:

  • Registering as a new customer will earn you 25 points
  • Completing your first order will earn you 10 bonus points
  • Leaving a product review will earn you 5 points

Any purchase of gift cards does not earn any points regardless of the amount spent.

Points earned may take up to seventy-two (72) hours after your purchase/activity to be reflected in your Account.

Points cannot be earned on any order placed by a registered retail customer retroactively prior to the launch of the program.

How to Redeem Your Points?

Points are redeemed at a ratio of 50:$1 in loyalty discount. Which means every 50 points earned are equivalent to $1 in loyalty discount. The minimum points allowed for redemption is 50 points. While the maximum points allowed for each order redemption is 5000 points.

Applying loyalty discounts is avaialble at the checkout page, given that the minimum points allowed has been earned and has been already reflected in your account. Once loyalty discount is applied, it is converted into store credit that is used to offer a discount to the order.

Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. Points cannot be transferred, assigned, exchanged, purchased or given by gift. Points cannot be sold, traded, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of.

What happens in the case of a return/refund?

Any points earned on product(s) returned/refunded will be deducted from the customer’s account. If no points are available in the account at the time of deduction, the account balance may become negative.

Can points expire or be cancelled? 

Yes, all points will expire if your account is not active (i.e. no points earning due to a purchase, or no redemption) for a period of 365 days.

Failure to meet or observe any of Haisue’s Terms of Service, or intentional misuse of the Haisue Loyalty Program, may result in account termination with immediate effect at the sole discretion of Haisue. In a case like this all earned points in an account may be forfeited and removed from an account.

Also, Haisue at its own discretion might decide to remove or cancel some or all points from an account without terminating it.

Haisue reserves the right to cancel, restrict, suspend, substantially modify or otherwise change the Haisue Loyalty Program or these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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