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Which Noodles to Choose?

Where to start? There are so many kinds of Asian noodles! Here are the most popular in Asian cuisines:  

Rice NoodlesThese rice-based noodles are the go-to for Pho Noodle Soup, Phnom Penh Noodle Soup, Pad Thai and Pad See Ew. They come in several sizes and lengths, and have a rounded or flat shape. It is very important to soak them in water for 30 minutes to 1 hour before cooking them, depending on whether you are making a soup or a stir-fry.
Udon NoodlesUdon noodles are thick, chewy noodles that go great in soups and stir-fries. Often used in Japanese cuisine to make stir-fried udon noodles, also known as Yaki Udon.
Ramen NoodlesRamen, made from eggs, can have a curly or smooth shape. They cook relatively quickly and are often served as a soup or yakisoba-style stir-fry.
Soba NoodlesDark in color, soba noodles are made from buckwheat wheat, which gives them a distinct taste. They are often served cold, in salads.
Wheat NoodlesThere are many types of wheat noodles that vary in shape and size. They can be grouped into two categories, those with eggs and those without eggs. Those that contain eggs are used for classic recipes, such as lo mein or chow mein. Those that do not contain eggs, think of Szechuan noodles, like dan dan noodles.
Sweet Potato NoodlesSweet potato noodles are popular in Korean dishes, such as japchae. They need to be soaked in water before use. These noodles are often long and have a very smooth texture.
Mung Bean NoodlesAlso known as cellophane noodles, these transparent noodles are specially used in spring rolls. Prepared from mung beans, they have a semi-crunchy and rather firm texture.

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