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Korean Food Marathon

Trip to Korea

Korea, mmmh… just thinking of this country reminds me of all the food I had there and the endless experiences with food.  When I went to Korea, twice in the same year, I was overwhelmed with the choices of food that it had to offer. I was in Seoul mostly and this city was jam-packed with restaurants. It was flourishing with street food in Myeongdong and each place had its own specialties. It ranged from grilling to cold noodles, to fried chicken and the SNACKS! It was a place that you wanted to eat everything and I tried…(I was constantly eating).

Street Food

Street food in Myeong-dong <3

Table Top Cooking

Table Top cooking

Quick Eats

Chicken and Beer
Late Night Snacks
Korean Fried Chicken – Korea has such amazing fried chicken! 


Line Friends Cafe, cute and tastes good too! The shop is iconic for its mega-sized bear. It is filled with cute merchandise, snacks, and accessories. 


Soju Watermelon

So with my full belly and my departure flight approaching, I wanted to take some part of Korea with me. I had tried a wide range of snacks and drinks but one snack, in particular, became my addiction.

HONEY BUTTER chips were so good! It is an acquired taste so depending on your taste buds some say it is strange but I LOVED this! It was a strange blend of sweet and salty but the combination was excellent! Unfortunately, with so many things to buy from Korea, I can’t bring back a suitcase of chips…

I did bring back a snack stash from Korea. When it started to disintegrate, I had to look for an alternative and see where I can get these tasty treats. I came upon Haisue and they carried these items! Now, I can have a small taste of my adventures through a local site that conveniently delivers to my home! 

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